Central Automotive Products Ltd. aims to be "the best partner in the future mobility society" by providing solutions to automotive- and mobility-related issues utilizing our speedy R&D capabilities and marketing skills. We are committed to being the first one to deliver future products to the market that increase both comfort and convenience as well as create spare time so that customers can use it to spend a precious moment. With a strong sense of commitment shared throughout the company, we continue striving to maximize our contribution to the society we serve as a development-based company through our keen focus on developing the products people need.




Business Description

Business Description

Central Automotive Products Ltd. operates businesses that contribute to the realization of a safe, secure, comfortable and convenient mobility society. Central Automotive Products Ltd. activities include a Chemical Business focused on the development and sale of coatings, an Automotive Parts Business, and an Alcohol Detector Business. 

Domestic Bases

Central Automotive Products Ltd. collects information from production sites and provides prompt services to customers through community-based sales and marketing via 14 bases in Japan. 

Overseas Bases

Central Automotive Products Ltd.'s overseas bases are located in 10 countries. Through well-developed  business networks in more than 60 countries around the world, Central Automotive Products Ltd. operates its Automotive Parts Business and Body Coating Business. 


Automotive Parts

In overseas business, Central Automotive Products Ltd. provides high-quality automotive parts, including its private brand products for the automotive aftermarket.





Alcohol Detectors

Central Automotive Products Ltd. offers a wide variety of alcohol detectors for different purposes that correspond to systems ranging from self management to cloud management. All its products are certified by the Japan Breath Alcohol Testing Consortium.  







Being "the best partner in the future mobility society"