Chemical Business
(Coatings, etc.)

In 1988, when automotive body coating was not yet well known, Central Automotive Products Ltd. began providing outstanding products in the vanguard of the industry. More than 30 years later, Central Automotive Products Ltd. continues to lead the industry in the development of new materials and technologies to maintain its position at the forefront of the automotive body coating market. Central Automotive Products Ltd. has leveraged its technologies and networks to develop and market a wide variety of such products as chemicals applied in the manufacture of engines, windows, and automotive interiors by anticipating potential customer needs both at home and abroad. Continuing research and development has ensured Central Automotive Products Ltd.'s ability to realize a safe, secure, comfortable and convenient mobility society.

Automotive Parts Business

Taking full advantage of its well-developed networks in more than 60 countries around the world, Central Automotive Products Ltd. exports automotive parts with a focus on overseas business aftermarkets. Close communication with import product wholesalers, retailers, and repair plants through direct visits from 10 overseas bases allows Central Automotive Products Ltd. to thoroughly understand their diverse wants and needs. Central Automotive Products Ltd. offers a reliable supply of brand products from other manufacturers as well as products from its private brand to procure, develop, and provide automotive parts that meet customer needs in different markets around the globe. 

Alcohol Detector Business

To realize its commitment as a company in the mobility industry to maximizing traffic safety, Central Automotive Products Ltd. developed and launched the SOCIAC alcohol detector in 2002. Featuring state-of-the-art Japanese sensor technology, the quality, usability, reliability and accuracy of SOCIAC have been highly regarded in the fight against drunk driving. Over for more than 20 years since its first appearance, SOCIAC has been adopted by more than 50,000 companies, national and local governments, and other organizations in which vehicles play an essential role. As a member of the Japan Breath Alcohol Testing Consortium, Central Automotive Products Ltd. has promoted enlightenment activities for the eradication of drunk driving and health management as well as continuously improving the quality and popularity of alcohol detectors.