Central Automotive Products Ltd. strives to ensure safety, security, comfort and convenience in all corners of society as the best partner in the future mobility society. 


The comfort and convenience of life throughout society is enhanced by a wide range of mobility, including automobiles, motorcycles, trains, boats and airplanes. 


Central Automotive Products Ltd. has developed an impressive lineup of automotive parts for the market.


Central Automotive Products Ltd. has continued to build new businesses by identifying potential needs among customers and in society. These include the need for the stable supply of reliable automotive parts in overseas markets, the need for accurate and dependable alcohol detectors to improve road and workplace safety, which has been increasing due to recent revisions in laws, and the need for such chemical products as the automotive body coatings that represent a major segment of the domestic market.


Technologies and know-how accumulated in the automotive business can be applied to other fields to increase comfort, convenience and safety throughout society. For example, such technologies and know-how have potential to enhance the functions of libraries, theaters, museums and many other public facilities. 


Central Automotive Products Ltd. is committed to making broad use of its technologies and know-how over the next 10 years to create a more comfortable and convenient future. From its foundation, Central Automotive Products Ltd. has strived for flexibility by not focusing on merely one specialized field, and it continues to promote safe, comfortable and convenient mobility lifestyles as a development-based company making meaningful contributions to society. 



Central Automotive Products Ltd. prioritizes environmentally friendly business activities. 


Representing a major segment of its business, Central Automotive Products Ltd.'s automotive body coatings make it possible to maintain the beauty of automobile bodies longer as they help reduce environmental load.


Coatings save time and water by reducing the frequency of washing. The coatings also make it easier to clean automobiles with water alone, which reduces water pollution by reducing the need for car shampoo. 


In addition, Central Automotive Products Ltd. manufactures products with an eye toward environmental preservation. These efforts include replacing coating containers with renewable glass materials and taking the initiative in collecting and recycling used containers.


Furthermore, Central Automotive Products Ltd. also engages in recycling acrylic resin from used automobiles through its consolidated subsidiaries aiming to expand its environmentally friendly business activities. 


While chemical products add comfort and convenience throughout society, they also have the potential to do harm to people and the planet. 


To ensure safety and reduce its environmental load, Central Automotive Products Ltd. strives not only to meet the requirements specified by the Industrial Safety and Health Act and other laws and regulations, but also to manufacture people- and environmentally friendly products that deliver customer satisfaction. 


In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic increased the need for enhanced health and hygiene protocols. 


Responding to such needs, Central Automotive Products Ltd. continues expanding into areas beyond the automotive industry using its unique technologies and know-how. An example of this is the development of alcohol- and chemical-free sanitizers and detergents for use at stores, factories, and offices. 


Everyone wants to drive a beautiful car that's well cared for. 
Central Automotive Products Ltd. thinks the more beautiful automobiles there are, the fewer automobile accidents there would be. It also thinks that the more beautiful automobiles there are in town, the more beautiful the town looks. 


Central Automotive Products Ltd. wants to increase the safety and beauty of towns while reducing the environmental load of driving by helping drivers keep their cars clean and beautiful with its body coatings. 


Looking around the world, there are many automobiles running on streets with deteriorated and low-performance parts that need replacing. 


It is also the mission of Central Automotive Products Ltd. to deliver excellent parts to every corner around the world, and cultivate a culture in which every driver drives safely and with care. 


Central Automotive Products Ltd. also places donates part of profits from the sales of alcohol detectors to the Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accident, and other social contribution activities. 


Central Automotive Products Ltd. is a development-based company that seeks the potential needs of customers and society with the goal of manufacturing the products they need. 


Developing products and services designed to increase performance, improve operability and safety to satisfy potential needs, and contributing to society are the missions of Central Automotive Products Ltd. It also prioritizes the improvement of existing products. 


The SOCIAC alcohol detector series has been used by many companies and local governments to ensure safety in our mobility society. 


In addition, for the long-term use of automobiles by overseas customers, Central Automotive Products Ltd. has expanded business by increasing the lineup of its private brand J.C.A.P. 


Central Automotive Products Ltd. invests in research and development through the further reinforcement of industry-university collaboration to become the first to deliver future products to the market that increase both comfort and convenience.