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■ Concept of Corporate Video


Irreplaceable  time given equally to everyone.
How would you use such limited time?

Using our products saves hassle, and promotes safety and health.
Central Automotive Products Ltd. wants customers to use their precious time for things that bring them happiness. We hope to create time that enables customers to encounter something wonderful.

As a development-based company, we tried to express our gratitude to customers through our products. 



■ Subtitles for the Corporate Video


Time is a value offered equally to everyone. 
Central Automotive Products Ltd. promotes progress in the mobility society, and continues to be the best partner for customers.
While listening to customers' voices, we create new value that the world has not yet experienced.
For the environment, health, and safety, 
we work to overcome social challenges as a useful manufacturer.
We repay our gratitude to society by
doing our part to ensure that people throughout the communities we serve have an enjoyable time, 
with the leisure to look back and smile, 
a time so impressive that it makes them catch their breath.
Time beyond the present and to the future.