Based on its corporate philosophy, Central Automotive Products Ltd. continues placing a priority on branding while establishing new businesses through the creation of new market demand.

Central Automotive Products Ltd.'s history is filled with business revolution. 
Company founder Tomizo Ueno entered into business with a focus on the transportation of materials and daily commodities for the rebuilding of Japan in the aftermath of World War II. As post-war recovery progressed, increasing automobile sales prompted Ueno to start an automotive air conditioner business.

After the Japanese economy's high-growth period, the next president, Michio Fukutsuji, shifted the company's focus from the air conditioner business to car accessories. He was also instrumental in transforming Central Automotive Products Ltd. into a ""development-based company"" with unique products, services and systems.

While transforming into a development-based company that offers unique products and services, Central Automotive Products Ltd. is also continuing its original business and selling automotive parts to overseas markets. 

Receiving a very positive response from customers throughout its history has enabled Central Automotive Products Ltd. to create ever-increasing added value in its products as the foundation of its expansion into a truly global corporation. 

Central Automotive Products Ltd. continues creating demand through the development of products and services based on potential customer needs that we discover while responding to changes in the market environment. 

Everyone at Central Automotive Products Ltd. embraces the challenge to continuously improve and strengthen the brand as a ""development-based company"" that contributes to society without ever forgetting their appreciation of each and every customer based on integrity under Central Automotive Products Ltd.'s code of conduct and corporate philosophy; ""Strive to create an environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable life with mobility society while contributing to global society through a worldwide network.""

I look forward to your continuing support and encouragement.



Shinichiro Sakata
President, Central Automotive Products Ltd.